As many may already be aware, the City of Chicago needed to relocate around 250 refugees to the Broadway Armory, where they’ll be sheltering for at least the next few months.  First Free has reached out to the 48th Ward office to see if we as a church can be of any assistance.  They were grateful, and mentioned that they knew of some of the outreach work we’ve done in the past.  If we can help in this specific effort, Alderwoman Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth’s office will let us know soon.

Meanwhile, there’s an easy way that we can help immediately.  An Amazon Wishlist has been set up with needed items that can be purchased and delivered directly to the 24th District Immigrant Rapid Response Team.  Visit the 48th Ward website here: , and click through to one of the Amazon Wishlists posted on that page in order to get to the list of needed items.  These items will be shipped directly to the 24th District Immigrant Rapid Response Team.  

** Please note: after adding an item(s) to the cart, and going through checkout, you must make sure to check “Immigrant Rapid Response’s Gift Registry Address” at “Checkout/Choose a Shipping Address” in order to ensure that items are delivered to the correct address.