In John chapter 10, Jesus reveals His identity as The Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His people. He also assures us that He knows His people, and His people recognize His voice.

But there are many voices clamouring for our attention in this world. Political leaders pander to our fears; Pop stars lure us with sensuality; false preachers soothe our conscience by telling us anything we want to hear. In John chapter 9, the Pharisees heard Jesus, but ignored Him, in spite of witnessing an unheard of miracle. The parents heard, but feared the Pharisee’s threats. The man born blind heard, but he also LISTENED! By listening he obeyed. By obeying, he believed. He went and washed in the pool as Jesus instructed him. And he was healed. Who do you listen to?

One way to better hear the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is by practicing the spiritual discipline of scripture memorization.

This past Sunday I laid down the challenge for each of you to memorize John 1:1-18 before this sermon series concludes at the end of May.

In the first sermon of this current series on John’s Gospel, we studied these 18 verses. (You can revisit that here.) In that sermon I told you that this passage was a preface, and a poem, and referred to as the Prologue to John’s book. In these 18 verses he summarizes all that he unfolds in the following 21 chapters. John tells us who Jesus is, and who we are, if we believe in Him.

To some, scripture memorization may seem like too big a challenge. But these 18 verses are probably more familiar to you than you realize, and I would be happy to assist any who take up the challenge, with tips for memorizing scripture. Most important of all, the benefits you will experience will be well worth it.

Will you take the challenge, so that you can better hear the voice of The Good Shepherd?

Email me at if you are up for joining in this challenge, so that we can support one another in the effort.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Del