Dear Church Family,

I want to provide some resources which you might find helpful when thinking about sharing your faith with those whom God has placed in your life.

Firstwatch this short video which introduces you to my dissertation advisor, Jerram Barrs. His passion for teaching others to live as Jesus lived is what I long to see cultivated among us.

Second, here are some books which I have found helpful when it comes to evangelism and reaching others with the love of Christ. I’ve divided them up into three categories:

Books which would work well in a small group study:

  • The Heart Of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs
  • Learning Evangelism From Jesus by Jerram Barrs
  • Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice

Books which are more geared toward evangelistic practice:

  • Powerful Evangelism For The Powerless by C. John Miller
  • Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman
  • The Gospel Comes With A Housekey by Rosaria Butterfield
  • The God Conversation by J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff
  • Evangelism Outside The Box by Rick Richardson

Books which are more academic in nature:

  • Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of God by J. I. Packer
  • Evangelism In The Early Church by Michael Green
  • Evangelism After Christendom by Bryan Stone

Thirdwatch this short video in which Tim Keller talks about evangelism with a special emphasis on its practice in urban settings. He shares some helpful and encouraging insights.

Finally, please continue praying for those whom God has placed on your heart. This ongoing conversation with God about these individuals whom he loves deeply and has created uniquely is the foundation on which all our witnessing efforts must be built. God is the Great Evangelist. Only he can transform hearts. So, continue asking him for opportunities to love and reach your friends with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Jason