Dear First Free Church,

For those who are taking up the challenge I issued a few weeks ago, here are a few tips that might help memorizing John 1:1-18 easier than just cramming the words into your head.

First, thinking about the meaning of the passage actually makes memorization easier.

Next, work on sections, and think of each section with a key word that describes it. For example: A) 1:1-5: “The Word” is God; B) 1:6-8: The “Witness” of John the Baptist; C)1:9-10: “Recognizing” Jesus as the light; D) 1:11-13: “Receiving” Jesus. And so on…

Finally, Consider memorizing John 20:31 along with John 1:1-18. Where 1:1-18 gives a poetic prologue to the book, 20:31 reveals a clear purpose statement for John’s Gospel. Together, these two bookends help us understand the whole book.

I hope these tips help you on your adventure. If you’d like to recite the verses together as you memorize, I’d be happy to do that with you. Just contact me at

Grace & Peace,

You can find the original bible memorization challenge info here.