Corresponding to the locations of the Prayer Boards, will be a series of advertisements, briefly describing opportunities to show love and extend care to our neighbors.  These are short summaries intended to be fairly generic in their description, but hopefully relaying enough information that the general idea is conveyed.  It is our hope and prayer that as you sense that your passion, ability and God-given calling align, you’ll investigate these further.  For each opportunity, there’s a “Quick Response”, or QR Code.  Using your smartphone camera and aiming it at the QR Code, you’ll be guided to the corresponding page on our website to learn more about the particular details regarding the opportunity, as well as given the chance to “Contact Us” – which will direct you to an online form that you can fill out to get even more specific information about how to get involved.  As we move towards a Post-Pandemic environment, it is our fervent prayer that we will be change-agents in our community, displaying the authentic love of Christ to everyone around us – that all would be drawn to the compassionate, never-ending, unstoppable love of Jesus that He has for every individual on the planet – and, that as we get involved with those in our community we also will unite in accomplishing shared goals, do life together, disciple each other and pray for one another (as well as those around us!) where God reveals the opportunity.

These opportunities can also be found online on our Community Outreach page