This year, we will gather on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day and will not be meeting on New Year’s Day. There are two primary reasons for this change in our schedule:

1. Rest for Staff and VolunteersThe holiday season has become increasingly full of things to do, especially if you work–or volunteer–at a church. We want to encourage our church to practice God-ordained rhythms of work and rest, and this is a very tangible and practical place to start. If you’ve never practiced a sabbath, these two Sundays are a great opportunity to start. 

2. Missional Opportunity: I want to encourage people to celebrate New Years Eve with friends and family, and to intentionally be with people outside the Christian faith. Whether that means you go celebrate at a bar and meet some new people or you throw a party at your house and invite your kids’ unchurched friends, the point is for us to be the body of Christ where we are. Practice hospitality, be a peculiar presence, and surprise people as you embody the Gospel in the community. 

We will provide a Liturgy for Christmas Morning Prayer and Reflection and a Liturgy for New Years Day Prayer and Reflection that families or friends can do together on those Sunday mornings. Those without families can host a simple get together, eat some brunch and worship with the aforementioned Guides.