As of September 12th, the nursery is open and staffed once again during the worship service. This space is primarily for children 4 months to 4 years old, although some Kindergarten or 1st grade kids might also benefit from short breaks here as they learn to engage with all aspects of the worship service.

Children are welcome to attend at any time during the service. However, we encourage you to keep your children with you at least until the end of the first song set. God delights in their praises too , and worship in song is one of the best ways to first learn how to draw near to Him.

For safety purposes, the nursery will be physically divided into two sections: the carpeted area for infants and toddlers and the tiled area beyond that for for the older children. Masks will be required for all but those under 2 years old, and only vaccinated adults and teens will be permitted to work with the unmasked youngest. We will also have an air purifier in the room capable of recycling the air roughly every half hour, and will be rotating and cleaning toys weekly.

Older children will hear a Bible story read midway through their time in the nursery, with a short follow-up discussion or activity that relates to the monthly theme. Younger children may or may not participate in this, depending on their interest and ability.

Contact Children & Family Ministries for more info at the bottom of our CFM page. We can’t wait to see the kids on Sunday!