The Senior Pastor should be a spiritually-gifted person who: has a drive and vision to direct an ethnically and philosophically diverse, urban congregation and is undaunted by the challenges within both the church and the city; is willing to, with God’s grace, minister to the multicultural fabric of our surrounding neighborhood, including the established LGBTQ+ community; teach and preach with a Scripturally-centered ethos, creating exegetically-sound messages with deft analogies that help our congregation envision God’s call for us in a postmodern urban mission while attending to the discipleship of the faithful; feels a calling to help foster a unified church body in a challenging era – through relationships, team-building and leadership development throughout all areas of the church; is passionate about and affirms the calling of women in leadership positions throughout the church; provides vision and direction for a strategic discipling and mentoring process wherein women are equipped to fill these roles. 

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