We are celebrating the season of Advent, the coming of Jesus birth, with a series on the promises of God […]
Here we follow up our series on Living as Exiles with “Thriving in Babylon.” This series looks at how the […]
As Christians, we consider that this earth is not our true home. In a sense, we are exiles. How do […]
Our sermon series in the month of June is Urban Discipleship. A series of guest speakers preach on our mission […]
For the months of April and May, we will be in a study through the Old Testament book of Ruth. […]
Good Friday & Easter Series | YouTube Playlist
“The Color of God” will be a look at racism and the people of God. We will be talking about […]
This series is a look at the early years of Jesus life and ministry, from the book of Luke beginning […]
The season of Advent is a celebration of the coming of Jesus. We use the 4 weeks leading up to […]
Looking at the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah Series | YouTube Playlist