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The Way of Jesus

For the next four months, we will be learning to follow the way of Jesus through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). In these famous words, Jesus offers us a window into the Kingdom of God, a snapshot of what a life of discipleship really looks like. We live in a time when people aren’t interested in our arguments, but they’re dying to see a community practicing the way of Jesus. So we ask the question, “What if Jesus actually intended for his followers to put his teachings into practice?”

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Past Teachings

The season of Advent is the Christian time of preparation, waiting, and anticipation of Christ’s coming. This year’s teach…

To fully embrace the good news of the Gospel we have to approach it as children, perpetually curious…

Praying the Psalms helps us learn to pay attention. We begin to pay attention to our honest emotions…

Jesus is the Living Word and we are told to abide in him. What does John say about Jesus, how does it…

These teachings were not part of any series, but were stand-alone messages given by guest speakers.

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