Buddy Plumlee, September 30th & October 1st, 2023

For Andersonville Arts Weekend this year, First Free will be hosting the work of Chicago artist, Buddy Plumlee. Andersonville Arts Weekend is an annual event put on by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, transforming our neighborhood shops and businesses into art gallery spaces. First Free has participated in various ways over the years. This year, like last year, we will open our sanctuary doors on Saturday and Sunday for the self-guided art walk. We plan to welcome visitors from 2 pm to 6 pm both days to view the artwork and answer any questions about First Free.

If you love art or value connecting with our community, we would love to have your help installing the artwork the week before, or staffing the open sanctuary on Saturday and Sunday. Please sign up to volunteer below. If you have any questions or suggestions, we encourage you to connect with Dan Addington, or leave your comments in the sign up form below.

Andersonville Arts Weekend on the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce Website

Buddy Plumlee “Monarch” oil on canvas
Buddy Plumlee “War Paint” oil on canvas
Buddy Plumlee, Chicago Artist

While Buddy is a portrait painter, his portraits are biographies.  His pieces reflect an intimacy, with a deep and powerful understanding of his subjects. He feels his paintings “… capture the growth and essence of a person…” Buddy was formally trained in Florence, at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, immersed in Renaissance art. He loves the detail in narrative work, telling his version of the story; he brings to the canvas a biographical writer’s illuminating touch. Buddy Plumlee received a BFA from Illinois State University in 1989 and an MS in painting and drawing from ISU in 1991. Buddy is a teaching artist. His work focuses on narrative portraiture.

Buddy Plumlee’s Website | Buddy Plumlee on Instagram

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