Too often we struggle to find our way through complex issues and we end up fighting with or splitting apart from each other.  The church seems to be as embattled as the culture around us.  At the same time, these contentious issues offer an opportunity for Christian spiritual formation and discipleship. 

Beginning the week of September 10th, we are launching two small groups to take a sometimes divisive issue, Women and Men, and engage it in healthy and redemptive ways.  This small group series focuses on the tensions we experience when we talk about men and women. We’ll look at our lives as Christian women and men and the ways in which our differences are sometimes very–and other times not so–important. We will take up questions around masculine and feminine ideals, leadership in the church and world, and work and family life.

Facilitators have been trained to lead this Colossians Way method. The group is designed to be a diverse gathering of people who will practice a worshipful engagement of this issue for 10 weeks.  As they meet, they will witness the truth from Colossians 1:17 that “in Christ all things hold together”.  Find out more in the PDF flyer attached or sign up online via the button below.

Signups are now live.