January 16, 2022 | John 4:1-30 | Del Shimandle | Series: The Living Word

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Dear friends,

I need to correct something I said during this sermon. I misspoke when I said: “the Bible forbids divorce.” (23:22 in the podcast MP3 file.)

It is important to correct myself for three reasons. 1) It is not correct. The Bible does permit divorce under circumstances where brokenness is so severe that it may be irreparable. 2) My mistaken statement could lead listeners into theological error and judgmentalism. That Jesus treated her with grace and forgiveness is evident from her response. 3) My mistake might have hurt those who have experienced divorce by either sounding judgmental or seeming to suggest that divorce is an unforgivable sin.

My actual goal of the sermon was to show that any who have suffered from the tragedy of divorce, or any other form of brokenness, can find good news of grace in Jesus, just as the Samaritan woman had. Except for that errant statement, I hope that the sermon does convey that good news.

If I confused, offended or hurt you, please forgive me. Please take away the most important point of the sermon: Jesus can bring each of us from gossip to good news. He offers us living water that will well up to eternal life! (Jn 4.10, 14).

Grace & Peace,