In 2020, former Pastor Jason Abbott met with the principal of Passages Elementary School, Dr. Jeremy Riggs. As Pastor Jason and Dr. Jeremy continued to have conversations about ways we could partner together, their need for space to hold the 2021 eighth-grade graduation ceremony allowed us the privilege of providing the First Free sanctuary for their use. After the Abbott family moved to Missouri, and since he’s practically a next-door neighbor, Chair Steve Lepse has now taken over as main point-of-contact.

However, the opportunity exists to develop a stronger relationship with Passages and this multi-ethnic community (representing families from over 30 countries around the world!). Dr. Jeremy Riggs has previously expressed the need for after-school tutoring, which would be held in their school building located at 1643 West Bryn Mawr Avenue (basically up the street from First Free at Ashland and Bryn Mawr).

Other needs may present themselves as we continue to look for ways to partner with this elementary school in our front yard; continue to check out this space in the future where these will be posted as opportunities materialize.

In the meantime: if you’re interested in tutoring, or helping Steve Lepse by co-leading this effort, click on the “Contact Us” button below for additional information.