Join with others from First Free who have been building relationships for years with seniors living in the Harry J. Schneider Apartments at 1750 West Peterson Avenue (corner of Ridge and Peterson), led by our fearless leader, Chair Steve Lepse.

Opportunities abound: read a book to someone, write them letters / send an email, bring in a birthday cake along with a present or two, listen to music or watch a movie together – or just be there to listen and provide support and offer prayer. You can also organize a missional outreach group to sing Christmas carols in the lobby on some evening during the Christmas season.

UPDATE 10.28.22: Representatives from the Schneider Building have recently reached out to us and would like to re-establish the relationship that we had with them pre-Pandemic. As we work to understand their needs better and how best to partner with them during this new season, please reach out to us if you’re interested in joining this group to serve our senior neighbors by using the “Contact Us” button below: