Sanctuary Art Installation Beginning February 2024

“As a creator of large-scale abstract figurative paintings, my art seeks to evoke contemplation and spiritual awareness. I explore the human condition and life’s cycles, aiming to resonate with those attuned to spirituality and existential themes. My work is a sanctuary for soul-searching, grounded in community and purpose.”

My mission is to create art as a sanctuary where the spiritual intersects with the human experience.” 

–– Sergio Gomez

Sergio Gomez is a visual artist, known for his striking large-scale figurative abstraction paintings and charcoal drawings that delve into the profound cycles of life. Sergio’s work has been featured in over 45 solo exhibitions across the United States, as well as in museums in Romania, Italy, Mexico, and Vienna. In addition to his solo exhibitions, he has participated in over 150 group exhibitions in a wide array of countries, including Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Austria, Italy, South Korea, England, Kairo, Belgium, and the United States. His work is represented in many public collections, such as the National Museum of Mexican Art and the Brauer Museum, as well as in the homes of avid private collectors.

Beyond his accomplished studio work, Sergio Gomez’s passion for art transcends the canvas. Over the years, he has curated over 100 exhibitions, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the art world. His extraordinary journey as a curator began in 2010 and has since unfolded through various influential roles, including his position as the Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B. Art Center, his directorship and founding of 33 Contemporary Gallery, and his co-founding of the artist coaching academy Art NXT Level. Sergio recently relocated from Chicago to Miami FL.

Death of Paradise, acrylic on paper/canvas, 82″x72″
Meditation in Red, acrylic on paper/canvas, 30″x22″
After the Rain, acrylic on paper/canvas, 68″x42″
Equilibrium 2, acrylic on paper/canvas, 70″x42″
Impermanence: Living a Transient Life 14, acrylic on paper/canvas, 22″x30″
The Swing’s Memory, acrylic on paper/canvas, 82″x52″
Standing in the Field of Darkness, acrylic on paper/canvas, 70″x42″
Impermanence Living a Transient Life 1, acrylic on paper, 30″x22″
Healing 1, acrylic on paper/canvas, 82×42
Spring, acrylic on paper/canvas, 42″x84″
Impermanence: Living a Transient Life 20, acrylic on paper/canvas, 22″x30″

More at or @sergiogomezart